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Software package designed to secure sms sending. The program uses encryption modules certified by the Federal Security Service of Russia, and eliminates the possibility of leakage of customer base.

Стоимость СМС рассылки

SMS Count Price 50 days free
1 000 - 8 000 from 0,26* free test
8 000 - 35 000 from 0,23* free test
35 000 - 50 000 from 0,17* free test
50 000 - 100 000 from 0,13* free test
100 000 - 250 000 from 0,11* free test

We are trusted by over 10 000 customers

SMS sending from "Prostor Mobile Marketing Agency" - an incredible chance for your business!

More recently appeared in a segment of advertising, this trend is rapidly gaining momentum and is today one of the most popular tools for promoting products and services! Leading trend of mobile marketing is now broadcast commercials via SMS (SMS advertising), that is, sending SMS messages to mobile numbers of potential or existing customers. Nothing prevents you to download a program for sending SMS from our website, and then using her ample opportunities to make SMS sending to your client base, notifying its customers about your actions.
Company "Prostor Mobile Marketing Agency" offers you to use our program to send SMS to a subsequent increase your customer base.

Making newsletter SMS through our program, you can not worry about data security - they are protected. All of the rooms that you use to send SMS clients are stored on your computer, so no one will be made public!
Nowadays widespread trade databases of phone numbers, so for you, we have developed a secure software that has certificate FSB to send SMS. Sending us, you can not worry!
Consider the case of loss database with a simple example. Let's say you have 10,000 loyal customers who trust only you and prefer to buy a product or service only you. Of course, on the accumulation of such a framework will take a lot of time and effort.
If your database is stolen and will carry on its promotional SMS newsletter, this will result in the fact that many of your customers will go to a competitor. The most conservative estimate, this figure varies from 3 to 6%.

If you still think it's a bit lost and will not be essential for you, then let's count. From 3 to 6% of your base - it is 300-600 people. Assume every customer of that number made you purchase at least 1,000 a year. This means that leakage base and sending SMS on her from the competition you risk losing an average of 500 000 per year! This is very much! What sane person would agree voluntarily to miss this profit?
Thus, taking advantage of our program, you will not miss a single penny of profit, do not lose a single customer.
Through SMS e-mail through our software, you win because:

Use of our program for sending SMS is clear and easy to
Our managers will contact you while you are on our website - it's incredibly fast!
Our branches located throughout Russia and Europe
We are the ones on the market are certified in the FSB
The speed of delivery of SMS messages reach thousands per second
Using our program for sending SMS, you are saving your base and grow with us!
* Please note that pricing is shown in units, depending on the geographical areas of SMS sending. The cost of mailing

50-days free trial
System will now send SMS with activation codes to your mobile phone.
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