Ten secrets of effective mailing SMS

It's well known that the relevant, high­quality mobile marketing is at most ahead of the usual forms of advertising today. However, one of the first arising questions are about content­ how understand difference betwwen high and low quality and what to do to make it higher? How to attract maximal quantity of customers not scaring them by obsessive notifications in uncomfortable moment. If you are interesting in this questions this article can help you. Here are 10 short advices, following which you can get most effective using of mobile marketing in your business.

First advice. First of all, make sure that the customer agrees to receive particular advertising or information. Without it you can't hope on people's loyality. Moreover, without that your actions may find the opposite effect. To avoid this, you should comply this rule. The most obvious way to get consent is filling in the questionnaire of company's constant client with indicating of your phone number. But there are another ways.

Second advice. Well known rule of information messages about neccesity and sufficiency should be observed. Moreover, in the case of SMS, you are limited by very small number of symbols, so sometimes you can't accommodate all important information at single message. But it definitely should be a link to the company website,phone of support service, manager or administrator, sometimes even the physical address of the company. Because, just knowing your contact details, the potential buyer is able to know more about the services provided by your company or selling products.

Third advice. The human ego and professional psychologists tells us that people are more disposing to those who call them by name. Use it in your texts! Fortunately, it become possible with the emergence technologies of automatic composing messages. Fourth advice. Avoid using transliteration in your texts, write russian words only by russian letters, andenglish ­ by english letters. Majority of recipients will ignore such mailings, without trying to understand the contents of this message.

Fifth adbice. Avoid abbreviations of words and using of specialized abbreviations in attempt to reduce the size of the message (and, as a result, its cost). Such texts don't cause positive emotions, their perception is difficult because of trying to decipher the reduction or abbreviation.

Sixth advice. You can use the abbreviation, but in strictly limited quantity and only that which your target audience will understand without problems. Refrain from using foul language and use jargon and slang at minimum. If with expletives everything clear, you should use slang very carefully and only in those cases, when you are absolutely sure that the meaning of the message will be understood by recipients correctly.

Seventh advice. The sender field shouldn't be empty (contain a phone number).Try to indicate the name of your organization. It will make your notification more solid and will attract more consumer's attention.

Eighth advice. Organization of the distribution should be lead with the mind. The object should be "filtered" by personal preferences. You should pay your attention to the seven­digit, federal numbers in your database ­ it is necessary to add the area code. In other way delivery by this numbers will be uncorrect. All of that will increase effectiveness of SMS mailing databases. And it will make lower risk of situation when for example inhabitant of Kamchatka will receive your message late at night and will forever leave the list of your potential customers.

Ninth advice. It is advisable to store the data, which the proposed recipient has provided in the questionnaire, they may be useful in case of disputes. And finally, most important, tenth advice. Remember that the responsibility getting your mailings is not a duty for your client. The recipient must always be able to unsubscribe from the notifications with first wish. If you are still not well understood, how to create a high­quality mass SMS sending, we are recommending to contact with professionals of our firm "Prostor Mobile Marketing Agency"! There is an experience of long time work with SMS notification in our resource, and we know how to increase quantity of your customers, which, in turn, will increase your money.


SMS Count Price 50 days free
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50 000 - 100 000 from 0,13* free test
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Software package designed to secure sms sending. The program uses encryption modules certified by the Federal Security Service of Russia, and eliminates the possibility of leakage of customer base.

The advantages of our program for SMS mailing

  • Competitive prices SMS mailings - just compare our price with the prices of similar services, and you will understand everything!
  • No commissions! All possible taxes and fees are included in the cost of SMS - it means that you have seen in the price and there is something for which you have to pay. No scams!
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  • Easy and intuitive - in the system, you can find out in 5 minutes, without wasting time and energy to read complex instructions. However, even if you have something does not work, our specialists will always come to you for help.
  • High reliability and protection against burglary - with us you can no longer worry about the safety of personal data
  • Easy control system - you can watch the sms sending online and receive full reports on the work program;
  • Easy integration with external systems such as SMPP 3.4, HTTP / XML, SDK Email2SMS, etc.
  • Enhanced integration with 1C: Enterprise (7.7, 8.0).

The program allows you to design templates messages, manage the contact list, send a mailing at the scheduled time specified subscribers. Thanks to her, it is possible to monitor messages sent by checking their status (read or not), store and analyze the statistics of shipments. Depending on the number of sent SMS set the value of each individual message. The more sent SMS, the less will cost each individual message.

To mobile advertising campaign took place with the greatest effect, it should be designed by professionals. It is these professionals work in "Prostor Mobile Marketing Agency". With us regularly works more than 7,000 organizations, and their number is constantly growing. They have entrusted us to advertise their business, and did not regret about it!

Ways mailing SMS

  • Conduct Bulk SMS to your customer base via a secure program.
  • Integrate your applications through an API with our SMS gateway for sending SMS commit.
  • SMS targeted mailing to subscribers terminal networks.
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