There are a lot of companies nowadays which put in the base of their business principle of net- marketing offering constant connection between big quantity of workers. Communication of net- marketing consist from different connection levels: office, workers of different hierarchy buyers.

With interaction of all levels there is a needless in operational link of connection which provides excellent communication throughout the complex system of network marketin. So rapid and convenient means of communication are mobile communication, SMS.

There are different ways to organize SMS communication – mass SMS­delivery, single and return, with possibility of answer; SMS integration to CRM software; interactive communication by SMS. First technology is simler, it is often chosen by network marketing company, which establish a mandatory form for registration of their employees­agents and it is a column "Mobile phone" there. Each agent of network marketing can have their sub­agents, buyers, etc. Thus, the SMS shares may be held as a central representation and individual agents.

For example, central office can make delivery for its agents, connecting with:

  • The release of a new catalog of products or services;
  • Planned activities in the organization;
  • Important news that enable each employee to feel important to the organization;
  • The needless to get information from agents.

Agents often use network marketing relationship with their customers in more specific cases. For example:

  • SMS reminder that begins accepting orders for the current month;
  • Notice about discounts and bonuses;
  • Message about execute of order.

In all cases, when carried out mass SMS delivery, you should use a special program to send mobile messages. After downloading of the program on our website, you can send mobile messages by Internet, you get rid of two problems.

At first, you will save time, because program give you a possibility to plan delivery for day, month or year ahead. You shouldn't worry that you miss or forget to warn your employees or customers in time – program will send the messages in a strictly specified time. At second, you will ensure full confidentiality of your database. Our program have a good protection from burglary, that's way why it can't become the property of your competitors. If we consider that our program has the highest rate of distribution (about 1000 messages at second), almost instantly (at 10 seconds) delivery not only in RF but un countries of Europe too, you will understand why it's important to choose our company!


SMS Count Price 50 days free
1 000 - 8 000 from 0,26* free test
8 000 - 35 000 from 0,23* free test
35 000 - 50 000 from 0,17* free test
50 000 - 100 000 from 0,13* free test
100 000 - 250 000 from 0,11* free test
Download the program to send SMS for free!
Software package designed to secure sms sending. The program uses encryption modules certified by the Federal Security Service of Russia, and eliminates the possibility of leakage of customer base.

The advantages of our program for SMS mailing

  • Competitive prices SMS mailings - just compare our price with the prices of similar services, and you will understand everything!
  • No commissions! All possible taxes and fees are included in the cost of SMS - it means that you have seen in the price and there is something for which you have to pay. No scams!
  • The program itself is free - at any time, you can download it from our website and learn!
  • Easy and intuitive - in the system, you can find out in 5 minutes, without wasting time and energy to read complex instructions. However, even if you have something does not work, our specialists will always come to you for help.
  • High reliability and protection against burglary - with us you can no longer worry about the safety of personal data
  • Easy control system - you can watch the sms sending online and receive full reports on the work program;
  • Easy integration with external systems such as SMPP 3.4, HTTP / XML, SDK Email2SMS, etc.
  • Enhanced integration with 1C: Enterprise (7.7, 8.0).

The program allows you to design templates messages, manage the contact list, send a mailing at the scheduled time specified subscribers. Thanks to her, it is possible to monitor messages sent by checking their status (read or not), store and analyze the statistics of shipments. Depending on the number of sent SMS set the value of each individual message. The more sent SMS, the less will cost each individual message.

To mobile advertising campaign took place with the greatest effect, it should be designed by professionals. It is these professionals work in "Prostor Mobile Marketing Agency". With us regularly works more than 7,000 organizations, and their number is constantly growing. They have entrusted us to advertise their business, and did not regret about it!

Ways mailing SMS

  • Conduct Bulk SMS to your customer base via a secure program.
  • Integrate your applications through an API with our SMS gateway for sending SMS commit.
  • SMS targeted mailing to subscribers terminal networks.
50-days free trial
System will now send SMS with activation codes to your mobile phone.

We are trusted by over 10 000 customers

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